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Church of the Intercession

Czar's court in the Alexandrovskaya Sloboda. Ivan the Terrible's House Church


The exhibition turns the bright pages of the transformation of the court village into the Oprichnina's and the country's capital.
The fresco on the tented roof are of exclusive interest at the exhibition. It's the only known Russian 16th-century scene-decorated tented roof. The fresco is distinguished by the perfection of the exquisite painting, the laconicism of the artistic language, the peculiar plot. The portrayal of Russian dukes and martyrs along with Old Testament kings and righteous men, their spiritual unity embodied the idea of the Moscow czar and Russia's Peculiarity.

Royal persons in the Alexandrovskaya Sloboda


The exhibition in the 17th century white stone chamber will introduce you to representatives of Rurik and Romanov dynasties who inhabited or visited the czar's Sloboda, whose work and care maintained the status of the Alexandrovskaya Sloboda as the sovereign's estate.

The 16th-century Dining Chamber


One of the unusual exhibitions in the museum replicates the interior of the 16th-century Dining Chamber which was used for "small receptions" of foreign ambassadors, boyars, Duma people and, possibly, the Oprichniks. The goblets, cups, loving cups and dippers presented at the exhibition.

Czar Ivan IV the Terrible on canvas


A chamber painting exhibition is housed in an early 16th-century palace chamber which probably served as the czar's court treasury. The exhibition reflects painters from different periods' (from the 17th century until today) views on the figure of one of the most famous russian autocrats. The gallery of the czar's different images is impressively diverse: Ivan the Wise, Ivan the Masterfulm Ivan the Terrible.

History of a single specimen

picПосетители, пришедшие сюда, могут познакомиться с предметом из фондовых собраний музея, и посмотреть видеофильм, рассказывающий о его истории.

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